When patients hear that you are a chiropractor in town who will treat them for a flat $25, they will find your business, and they’ll come back again and again.

If you do your job well, they’ll tell their friends and bring even more patients to your practice.

Referrals are your most effective form of marketing. Make sure that your reviews are always positive by taking extra care in your customer service.

Here are a few pointers to wow your patients so that they come back and bring their friends.

Let your patients choose their care

I know this is a wild idea, but since the Future Chiro model only takes walk-ins, it’s your patient’s choice to come in for continued care.

Your ideal patient is one who values wellness and comes in to maintain their health, not just correct a problem. Immediate pain relief may be what gets patients into your office, but maintaining care and superb customer service is what will keep them coming.

In the traditional chiropractic model, we’re taught to use X-rays and spinal screenings to sell corrective care packages. Usually, chiropractors can point to something to fix and estimate a treatment plan to correct the problem. The issue with that model is that it becomes a high-pressure sales pitch riddled with scare tactics, and most patients that sign up for it will be paying with insurance.

The Future Chiro model upsets tradition because it is a completely cash-based practice with no pressure to sign up for a long-term corrective care plan. For starters, you won’t be accepting insurance. The flat $25 rate is usually the same or more affordable than some copays, which is already attractive to your patients.

Second, you don’t need to sell your patients on a treatment plan. With this model, there’s no pressure to sign up for long term care, there’s not a bunch of paperwork to fill out, patients are in & out quick. They LOVE it! Read our testimonials.

Give your patients the freedom to choose their care.

Inject personality into your brand

The sterile clinical look is overdone. It’s boring, uninviting, and standard. There’s nothing distinct about one office from the next.

Make your practice buzzworthy by injecting major personality into it. Be relatable!

People may come to you in pain, but you can present the solution in an enjoyable and trusting manner. For example, I compare my practice to a mechanic’s shop. I figure, if a mechanic can fix cars, then I can fix people. My whole office is branded like a car shop – from my uniform to my signage and even how I greet my patients. People get a kick out of it.

This brings me to my next point.

Make your patients laugh

Most of the time, people are excited to find an affordable, $25 treatment. But they’re also wondering – what kind of service am I getting for only $25?

If you indicate on your website that you don’t have a phone, don’t take appointments, don’t have a staff, and don’t take insurance, it’s reasonable for people to be skeptical.

With this model, you are a one-man show. You are the receptionist, the janitor, and the doctor. That’s exactly why you’ll need to exceed their expectations to keep your patients raving about your amazing service.

Greet your patients with warmth and humor to put your patients at ease. Then give them an amazing full spinal adjustment. You’ll impress them with how convenient, affordable and accessible your service is while maintaining high-quality standards.

The Future Chiro model isn’t just about building an incredibly profitable practice – it’s about caring for people. Show you care, get lots of referrals, and watch your practice blossom. Sign up today.