Growth of a Chiropractic Practice

Growth of a Chiropractic Practice

How many headaches would you prevent each week if you didn’t have to deal with insurance claims?

If you’ve started your practice – I’m sure you had a nice number come to mind. And if you haven’t opened up shop yet, you’ve probably heard some stories.

For the last few years, I’ve found great success in my chiropractic practice because I don’t process insurance claims. My cash-only model works because the market proves there is a huge demand for a hassle-free experience.

My patients benefit from not having to deal with insurance.

For the uninsured living in pain, this model is a way for them to receive affordable care – no questions asked. Since I don’t take appointments, they walk in anytime between 9a-5p for an adjustment, and out they go. If they choose to come back for regular treatment, they do. It’s a win-win for patients and practitioners alike.

Like my patient, Bobby Sonnier says, “Simple, easy, no bureaucratic insurance to mess with. Dr. Scot is fast and friendly, a genuinely good guy who does great work. “

Even patients who are insured choose this model because it’s convenient. Since I only take walk-ins, people come when they have the time and get treated right away.

“I’ve only been a couple of times, but I was completely satisfied with Dr. Scot and his treatment. As advertised, no appointment necessary, and I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes,” says Ron Crocker.

Since switching to a no-insurance model, my practice has thrived, and my lifestyle has soared.

I have unparalleled freedom of income. What I earn is mine to keep. At only $25 an adjustment, my patients love the walk-in service and come back for continued care. I get people in and out of my office within minutes. Considering that my doors are open eight hours a day, I see 8-10 NEW patients daily, and I don’t hire staff to manage the office. My profits have absolutely skyrocketed.

That leads me to my next benefit from going insurance-free: I became a one-man operation. I didn’t need to hire someone to help me go through all the claims and billings. Since I didn’t need anyone to answer phones to schedule appointments or follow-ups, I could reasonably run my chiropractic practice on my own.

What I’ve come to value most is my newfound freedom of time. I used to devote my weekends to handling hours of filing claims and billing disputes –  and seeing my profits shrink as a result. Rather than spending time with my family, I was chained to a practice that kept me on the clock seven days a week.

Since ditching insurance, I’m able to call all of the shots in my business. I have a practice that effectively serves all who seek care. I have an income and work schedule that I love. And most of all, I have my life back, so I can be with the people who make my life so wonderful: my family.

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