Dr. Scot Knight, DC, Founder of The Future Chiro Practice

Dr. Scot Knight, DC, Founder of The Future Chiro Practice

Who is the hero in your practice?

Hint: it should be your patients. (But your patients may be a close second.)

Patients are the heroes of their own health. We, chiropractors, are like their guides, their advocates, helping them towards a healthy future.

If you’ve ever taken a writing class, you might be familiar with the story arc following the hero’s journey. It goes like this: hero embarks on a journey, meets a guide, then encounters some challenges. The plot thickens, there’s a climax, the hero transforms, and the crisis is resolved.

I make this point because the hero’s journey is a story arc we all relate to daily on the news, in a commercial, and in small talk with our patients. Yet chiropractic care and healthcare overall have not treated patients as heroes. The industry is full of red tape and barriers that make it hard to get care. It notoriously prioritizes business needs over patient needs, treating itself as the hero. That’s backward.

We must become advocates for our patients.

Patients are tired of how they’re being treated. They’re tired of jumping through hoops to get an adjustment. That’s why some people choose not to see us all together and just live with chronic pain.

The way we can best advocate for our patients is to design a care system that puts them in the center. That means taking down the red tape wherever possible.

Getting rid of appointments and insurance, and operating solo in my office has actually made me more accessible to my patients. I’m able to better treat them simply because I fit into their health journey easily and can send them on their way quickly.

That’s our job as chiropractors. We’re supposed to be a guide to health for our heroes, not a challenge to overcome in their journey.

When you genuinely serve your patients first over the business, and craft a practice that places them in the center, you will get noticed, you will be talked about, and you will be sought after. That’s what happened for me, and that’s what happened for other chiropractors I’ve coached.

Patients have the power to choose care that is Affordable, Convenient, Accessible, and guides them through their journey. Make it easy for them to choose you.

This is a trend that’s playing out across industries. People today are continuously choosing products and services that make their lives simpler. Subscription services like Audible and Prime delivery are wildly successful because they capitalize on making their customer’s lives easier. They offer simple, convenient, affordable services with no long-term commitment. That’s what patients want.

With that in mind, ask yourself:

How does your practice make your patients’ lives easier?
What areas can you simplify even further?
What can you do to inspire people to choose YOU to be their guide to health?