Chiropractic Practice Growth

Growth of a Chiropractic Practice

Have you been struggling to make your practice profitable lately?

This might sound crazy, but consider moving to an affordable flat-rate fee for your services and ditching insurance coverage. There are 2 types of Chiropractors, the Buffet or the Pizza. I am like a buffet, for $25 you get the whole meal, whereas the pizza chiropractor wants to charge for every little item they add to your order, ”treatment”. Be the Buffet! Make it Affordable & Convenient and they will come in by the droves!

Pricing will get patients to your door, but what keeps them coming back is the fact that we do not take appointments. This makes the patients feel less pressured on when and how many times they have to commit to coming back, they have complete control over their own treatment. But ultimately, Exceptional customer service will keep them coming back.

I offer a $25 rate for anyone that walks through my door. Most people come back because they appreciate that I get them in for an adjustment right away, then send them off to continue their day. There’s no nickel and diming for each adjustment. No, wait for an appointment. Simply pain relief.

Even though I don’t accept insurance, I still get patients that come see me despite having coverage options. There are a couple of reasons for that.

$25 is comparable to what many copays are.
Affordability coupled with walk-in only policy makes it possible to see patients right when they need it.

Here are the reasons ditching insurance could help your practice:

Get your time back. Don’t spend another weekend, hour or minute haggling with insurance reps.
Get paid in full, on time. If you charge $25 like I do, that $25 is yours as soon as the patient walks in. It takes me an average of 10 minutes per adjustment. Most of my days are packed with patients from 9a-5p. It works out well when you do the math. Imagine – how could those numbers change your practice?

After 9 years of perfecting this model, this has proven to work well for me and my patients. Patients love the flat rate. They love that they can walk in when they want. And for that reason, they refer me to their friends, family, and coworkers as their affordable (sometimes funny) hometown chiropractor.

This is what my patients are saying:

“I live a life of pain because I have nerve damage in my spine. Every time I go to [Dr. Scot] I get instant relief that lasts for weeks. Well worth $25 per trip!”- Chris Schlosser

“Always a great adjustment. No waiting and just $25.” – TheoThurston

“No appointment, no insurance, no co-pay, no BS. And service with a smile!” – John Walker

“5 stars and 2 thumbs up from this guy. No appointment necessary. Just walk in. Practically NO wait, 20 minutes or less, door to door service. Only $25. Seriously?! You can’t buy 2 fresh made juices or even a neck pillow for this price. Hurry and visit Dr. Scot. Thank me later.” – Derek Gutierrez

Word of mouth is powerful. It’s my biggest marketing engine bringing people to my practice day in and out, it’s completely free, and it works 24/7. I only spend $100 a month to run an ad in my local paper. It’s the same ad I’ve run for years. Otherwise, my business runs solely because my patients love it and prove that there’s a demand for a low-cost, hassle-free chiropractic experience.

This IS the future of chiropractic. Don’t stay stuck in the traditional model.

Let me show you how to evolve forward.