How would you like to grow patient numbers to a point where you could open a new practice?

That’s exactly what Dr. Jinger Poth was able to do in Hutto, TX.

In a matter of 4 months, she went from testing out the Future Chiro model part-time, to opening her own practice full-time.

Dr. Poth was one of my very first students. Her mom was a patient of mine.

One day, Dr. Poth decided to come to check out who this convenient $20 chiropractor was that her mom kept talking about. She was curious to find out how a cash-based practice without X-ray screenings could actually work. For about two years, she’d come in for an adjustment, and we’d talk about how the Future Chiro model could work for her.


This is her story:

What was your practice like before?

It was traditional.

You had to come in and do X-rays, follow up with a report of findings, and then show patients the treatment plan and get them interested and onboarded.

I also had a lot of different modalities like ultrasound, electrical stimulation, a flexion-distraction table, spinal laser table…and obviously a lot of overhead, square footage, and business expense with all the equipment.

What were your biggest frustrations with that model?

My patients didn’t like it. They want something straightforward and direct. They don’t want to have to show up to take a class, which is really just a way to drum up more patients and get referrals. They really just like things to be straightforward and simple.

How long did it take you to completely transition to the Future Chiro model?

When I decided to start the Future Chiro model part-time, it only took me from November to March to go full-time. So I only had a transition of 4 months.

I went from having my own practice, to working part-time at The Joint. When they offered me full-time several months later, I completely shut my practice down, moved to Corpus Christi, and worked full-time for The Joint.

Then the deal was if I grew their business, they would move me back to Austin. They brought me back to Austin, but they gave me really bad hours, and I didn’t feel like I was getting the right type of treatment for the seniority I had.

That’s when I started my Future Chiro practice part-time in November.

Once I realized I was growing, I quit and opened up full-time in March.

Did your clientele follow you from your old business? How did that work?

I didn’t have a lot of patients from my first practice because it didn’t do very well.

As far as The Joint, I couldn’t have patients follow me from Corpus.

I really started from scratch when I opened up my Future Chiro business model in Hutto, and that’s where I grew my practice.

Wow. That’s incredible.

Yea, exactly. I was basically starting from zero, so that’s actually a bigger testament to how well this works because people like it! 

Would you recommend this model to other chiropractors?  


If they are really willing to completely transition and keep it simple and straightforward, I think they are really going to succeed.

I highly recommend it because it’s true. When you close, you’re done for the day. When you open, there are patients waiting.

I joke with my patients when they ask about insurance. I tell them no, that’s why I don’t have so many grey hairs. And they get it! And they don’t even want to go through their insurance. They say, “ You’re less than my copay. And even if you’re more, this is way easier on me. I prefer this.”

I would tell anyone considering this to do it exactly the way the model is laid out. Keep it very simple and straightforward. Patients love it. Doctors love it.