Dr. Scot Knight and family – New York Get-Away

The traditional chiropractic business model is going extinct.

You know the practice model. A patient makes an appointment with your staff, they come in for an adjustment, you bill insurance, and then you’re stuck on the phone with the insurance rep over a billing dispute.

Here’s the problem. There is no freedom in any sense of the word for anybody involved in this model.

Patients feel pressured into long-term care programs.

Chiropractors who own their own businesses get stuck doing overtime admin and billing.


And insurance reps, well, they’re making calls day in and out to disgruntled people.

Nobody is “free,” yet in today’s economy, that’s exactly what so many people are seeking – freedom.

Consumers want the freedom to choose the care they want at the time it’s convenient for them. They don’t want to be roped into a plan.

Chiropractors start their own practices doing what they love seeking financial freedom, but rarely find it in the traditional model. Instead, they spend their time working in their business and spreading themselves thin instead of working on their business to make it work for them.

For me, freedom means being able to create security for my family. It means knowing that we are financially set to handle any challenges down the road. Freedom means we have time to spend with each other weekly and go on vacation to create memories.

I regularly take my family on trips, one being to New York City to catch a ball game for the weekend. We fly out on Friday, enjoy a couple of hot dogs, visit a few new places, then head home on Sunday. This works because I set up my practice so that I have a 4-day work week and a 3-day weekend.

Want to know how I did it? It’s simple.

I run a cash-based practice and only take walk-ins.

This set up allows me to run a lean business with very little overhead. I don’t take insurance. I don’t hire staff. And I have a voicemail I pay $9 a month for which tells callers my hours and location. That’s it.

This model allows me to run the practice all on my own, which has given me back my weekends. I’m not spending time doing administrative work, whether that’s talking to insurance reps, scheduling appointments, or dealing with payroll. Instead, I’m spending my time and my profits doing what I love most with my family.

I know what life is without freedom. I’ve had a traditional chiropractic practice for over 15 years, and believe me, I got burnt out. It wasn’t until I created a new practice, which fed my lifestyle, that I discovered what total freedom is.

It is 100% possible to achieve freedom in your chiropractic practice.

If you want it, I’ll teach you how you can create freedom in your life too.  In the Future Chiro course, I show you exactly how I built the practice I have today. I’m giving you the farm – everything you need to operate your new business in the palm of your hand. Don’t wait to try it. Your freedom awaits.