Why did you open your own chiropractic practice?

I opened my office because I loved treating people and being my own boss. Fifteen years later, I was stressed and burned out from all the administrative work that came with running the business. The more my practice grew, the less time I had for my family. I was managing staff, chasing insurance payments, and marketing my practice seemingly more than I was actually treating patients.

That’s when I made a fundamental shift in how I ran my practice.

I switched to a walk-in only, cash-based model, and it has transformed my life. Not only has it changed my experience as a business owner – it’s changed my ability to serve my patients.

Now, I’m sharing what I know with other chiropractors who want to build a practice that rewards them with a flexible schedule and financial freedom.

Dr. Paul Miller from Alamo Pain and Injury was one of the first chiropractors I coached through shifting his practice. Thirty days after switching to a cash-based model, he was profitable. This is his story:

“One day, a random patient came through my door and started talking about his brother who has been a chiropractor for 20 years. He shared with me that his brother created this cash practice model that changed his entire life and finances. So, I decided to give his brother, Dr. Scot, a call and he invited me to his office.

He showed me the step-by-step on what he was doing. And let me tell you, it was truly truly amazing.

Not only did he only show me the step-by-step procedures, but he also shared with me all of his legal forms that I implemented the very next day. I can honestly say that I’m on top and I started making a profit within the first 30 days of implementing his business model. I finally have an office that sees a high patient volume with no staff, no appointments, and no phones. I highly recommend The Future Chiro to any chiropractor who wants a stress-free but profitable future.”

Dr. Paul saw immediate results in his practice. You can get those results too! Everything I taught him is in the Future Chiro program. When you enroll in the program, you get:

  • the blueprint to open your own cash-based practice
  • marketing formulas to make you stand out from the others in your area
  • documents to cover your legal needs
  • access to a membership group with access to me for continued consultations

Everything! You’ll even the exact methods I use to introduce patients to this new, convenient, affordable way to get treatment.

Another student who saw drastic changes in both her clientele and her business is Dr. Jinger Poth, founder of Hutto’s Affordable Chiropractor. She says, “The future chiro program has been amazing. My patients love it and I love it. They love that they can walk in any time their schedule allows and that they can actually afford the care they need. I like that I have a lot less paperwork and many fewer hassles. I use to have a traditional practice that accepted insurance and focused on corrective care. I have found this practice with this business model has grown tremendously. I highly recommend The Future Chiro.”

This new model is a win-win for you and your patients. Your patients get the care that they deserve, and you get to build a practice around your dream lifestyle.

Dr. Jeff Gancas, a fellow long-time chiropractor recently switched to the Future Chiro model. He was also stressed, burned out, and hungry for something new.

“I have been in practice since 1993. I focused on Corrective type care and took X-Rays on most of my patients to assist with my recommendations for care plans. After many years, this type of practice model was burning me out. I really enjoyed the days when I was adjusting my Wellness /Maintenance patients. These individuals/families understood the benefits of regular adjustments had on their health.

So how do you build a practice with that focus?

I had patients tell me about a Chiropractor in Georgetown (Dr. Scot) who did not schedule, took no insurance and only charged $25 for the adjustments. They also loved his adjustments and that they were in and out of his office fast. As well as, hardly any paperwork and no pressure to buy a care plan. His practice model made practicing much easier, which I was looking for, so I started to make changes to my practice.

About a month ago I stopped in Dr. Scot’s office (walk-in) and met him. He took the time to show me around and discuss how he practiced. His practice is a well-oiled machine and he adjusts up to 80 patients a day without a staff member. Low overhead = more profit, less stress, and more fun. I am now close to getting rid of all insurance, which I will no longer accept in 2018. My patients are okay with this and are now referring more of their friends and family to my office because of the changes that I am making. If you are looking for a way to make your practice easy and profitable without the headaches of insurance, scheduling and selling care plans you need to check out what Dr. Scot and The Future Chiro has to offer.”

Take it from my students, the Future Chiro model works for you and your patients. Whether you’ve had your own practice for decades or you’ve just opened, I will help you transition to a cash-based business with minimal setup, giving you more time back in your schedule and more profit in your pocket.

Earlier I asked why did you open your own chiropractic practice? If somewhere along the way, your WHY took a back seat to your business, then I want to help you get back to putting your WHY first.

Do what you love, do good work, and get paid for it. That’s what the Future Chiro program can do for you. Register today.