Starting your own business does not have to cost a lot of money.

When you keep your overhead costs low and offer a service patients love, you will have a booming business and a bank account to be proud of.

I discovered the secret to running an insanely profitable, cash-based chiropractic practice a few years ago. The business model I developed, which I live and practice, allows me to work a four-day workweek, see 140 new patients a month while maintaining my regular clientele, and make more money than I ever could with a traditional model.  

Now I’m revealing what has worked for me and a couple of other chiropractors I’ve coached in my first online course, The Future Chiro. The reviews don’t lie. This model has transformed the lives of my fellow chiropractors as well as the patients they serve. Why?

Because this model is based on convenience, affordability, and accessibility for practitioners and patients alike.

Don’t be fooled by the traditional setup. I run my business with no phone, no staff, no appointments, and without dealing with insurance. I open my doors from 9a-5p Monday-Thursday and spend the other three days with my family. I spend about $3,000 a month for rent, business insurance, and voicemail. What I earn beyond that is mine to keep.

Nobody else is doing this. Everyone else is tying up their time and finances in managing staff, chasing down insurance payments and scheduling…and rescheduling appointments. Play smart and be the go-to chiropractor in your area.

Patients love this model (patient feedback) because you provide a convenient, affordable care option. By charging a flat $25 a visit, you’ll be competitive with insurance copay prices that they would spend with another chiropractor. And by accepting walk-ins only, patients can come whenever it fits in their schedule.

I’ll show you how to put these ideas to practice and create an excellent customer service experience that works as your round the clock marketing machine. 

Patients crave affordable care to relieve pain and maintain wellness. The market proves that’s so because every chiropractor I’ve worked with who implemented my principles has seen their business boom.

In the Future Chiro program, I teach how to make this cash-based model work like a well-oiled machine for you. With low overhead costs, you keep one hundred percent of what you earn beyond your monthly expenses.

Learn more about the Future Chiro program, and start your lean chiropractic practice today.