Dr. Proctor, DC - Enjoying life

Dr. Proctor, DC – Enjoying life in her newfound free time

Every chiropractor knows what it’s like to feel like you have no time to focus on what’s important: serving patients and spending time with family and friends.

Instead, we spend time negotiating with insurance companies and getting caught up in administrative work to keep the lights on.

I broke that cycle 9 years ago when I started a model that opens and closes when I decide and never touches insurance.

Other chiropractors started wondering how a model like mine could work for them, so I started coaching a few students how they could do it too. Dr. Barbara Procter is one of those few.

Dr. Barbara has been practicing chiropractic for over twenty years. She sold her booming practice shortly after the Affordable Care Act was enacted, unsure of what insurance changes could mean for business.

About four years ago, she came to my office for an adjustment after hearing her old patients in Temple, TX…about 30 minutes from my town… talk about my affordable pricing. She wanted to see for herself.

After learning how the Future Chiro model works, Dr. Barbara has since reopened with a leaner and simpler practice that gives her the freedom she has always desired. This is her story:

How did you go about implementing the Future Chiro model?

I was very interested in your practice model. You said that you’re in the works of doing something to help others. When I opened back up I set it up just like this model. Here I am 13 months later and I love it. Best decision I’ve ever made.

Did you have any concerns at all about the new model?

Honestly, I did not. I’ve been in practice 21 years now so I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen the insurance model work, I’ve seen them not work. And I knew that that’s not what I wanted to do. People love it!

What has the reaction from patients been like?

They do get a little confused when they come in. They can’t believe there’s no catch. When they get the concept that they’re still paying less and not even using their insurance, it’s great!

How are people finding out about you?

I would say 90% word of mouth. I’m getting a lot on Google searches. I also have the rack cards.* I have those in my office so I always give those to people. Mine just says “$20, final adjustments any time, no insurance is welcome. No appointment necessary,” that kind of thing.

*Rack cards are one-page brochures.

Have you noticed any changes in your lifestyle with this new model?

The freedom to do what I want. You’re your own boss, you’re your own entity, you don’t have to ask to take off. My husband and I just went deep sea fishing in Port O’Connor last week. You set your own hours. If I know I’m going to be out or change my hours in any way, I make sure that it’s on my website, my Facebook page, my Google page, and my voicemail message.

Do you have a review page?

If you look on Google, there are some reviews on there. On my Facebook page, Just Chiropractic, there are some on that as well.

What is the best thing about switching to this model?

Simplicity. Freedom. Keeping it simple. It’s just a no-brainer. It’s not about keeping up with the paperwork or coding this correctly or any of that stress. It’s just about taking care of the patient.

What would you say to anyone that’s considering this program?

Don’t wait! Do it today! Don’t let fear stand in your way. I still have colleagues that have the models where their overhead is so large and I know they go home and worry about how they’re going to make it. This model is so simple, you don’t have all that. Dr. Scott has invented that wheel, don’t try and reinvent the wheel. It’s easy.