The beauty of the Future Chiro model is its simplicity.

It’s simple for the patients. It’s simple for you.

One of the biggest benefits is the fact that getting new patients has never been easier.

You don’t need a fancy website or a big marketing budget. You can grow your business just by foot and word of mouth.

Dr. Jinger Poth was one of my first Future Chiro students. In four months, Dr. Poth took her Future Chiro practice from part-time to her full-time. She told me her average patient per day doubled her first year with this practice model. And she’s seen a 20-25% increase year after year since 2016.

Below are Dr. Poth’s tips on how to keep marketing simple and effective.

How are new patients finding you?

One of the first things I did when I started this model was use a simple flyer.

I made sure that if business was slow, I would go door-to-door to businesses with my flyer.

I wouldn’t even ask people at the front because I figured they would just throw it away. So I would speak directly to the manager or go straight to their break room. Like Ulta, the salon. You know their break room is always in the back. So I would just walk right up, knock on the door, and just ask them to put it up. And then, of course, they would.

I would also give each patient a flyer and ask them to put it up in their break room. Usually, if they come in, they have a job that’s kind of hard on their body, and their coworkers are in need of care too.

Do you do any online advertising?

A lot of times web developers like to push a very in-depth website. But that’s not what my patients look for. They don’t want to have to click around and go down a rabbit hole. They want everything just straight up on the page. 

A lot of people want to know about my extra hours. So my web developer just added a newsletter sign up.

I’ve only had this up for a couple of weeks, but people I don’t even know are signing up!  

I get email notifications that someone has added themselves to my list, which shows that people are out there wanting to see me. I’m not open Friday or Saturday, so they’re asking to find out when they can. I just think that’s fabulous.

So they must be searching for “affordable care”, you pop up, and they’re adding themselves to your list.

Yes, that – and I think patients also tell them about me.

I keep an Excel spreadsheet of where all my new patients are coming from because if it’s working, I want to keep putting my advertising dollars there. But if I spend hundreds of dollars on something and it only brought me in a few patients, I’m not going to keep purchasing that advertising.

I found out the majority of my patients are referrals. And the second biggest one is an internet search.

That’s really basic. How much are you spending on advertising?

Not very much. Definitely under $1,000 a year.

The other two things I do to get my name out there is: 

1)    Always ask for reviews. I think because I have so many positive Google reviews, when you do a local search for “chiropractor”, organically mine’s going to pop up versus having to buy a Google Ad.

2)    Post to local neighborhood sites on Facebook. I put it on my calendar to remind myself every Monday to post on Facebook. I keep it real simple. I put my name, tag line “Hutto’s Affordable Chiropractor”, and then I put my website. I just copy-paste that on 15 different neighborhood sites every week. It gets people to remember me and come in. I keep it simple and consistent. It probably only takes me 10 minutes. 

Do you have a testimonial page where I can see what your patients are saying?

Yea. If you Google “Hutto’s Affordable Chiropractor”, I have like 645 five-star Google reviews.

My Facebook page called Hutto’s Affordable Chiropractor has reviews too.

Amazing. What’s been the best thing about switching to this model?

I work Monday-Thursday 10-6. When I want to open up for an extra day, I open on a Friday and/or a Saturday.

I found out my patients love those weekend hours. 

And if I have a family emergency and close down, I do that.  

I am in complete control of my schedule.

I take care of my father. If I need a day off to take care of him and take him to a doctor’s appointment out of town, I can do that.

Or if I want to take off for a week to take a vacation for a week, I’ll do that. But I make it up to my patients by opening up weekend hours either before or after my vacation.

I work a lot. I work hard. But it’s very rewarding.

I would say I work as hard as I did before at The Joint, but now I get the rewards. I get the income, the schedule-flexibility, and just the appreciation.