Dr. Scot Knight, DC - Founder of The Future Chiro Practice

Dr. Scot Knight, DC – Founder of The Future Chiro Practice

When you run your own practice, it can sometimes feel like keeping up with your financial health is at odds with prioritizing patient health.

Chiropractic Management Groups/Consultants have long taught that in order to keep patients coming through your door, you enroll them in a corrective care package. The healthcare industry says that accepting insurance policies makes you accessible to more people. Common sense says that if you hire an administrative assistant, you’ll free up time to focus on treating patients.

Here’s the thing – all of that is bogus.

I’ve gotten rid of all that infrastructure and have actually been able to serve my patients better than ever before.

These are just some of the things my patients are saying since I’ve made the switch:

“Love that I am able to get in and out of here quickly but also receive good quality care. I always leave feeling SO much better!”- Katie Hughes

“Dr. Knight is easy going and always fixes the issue. Very affordable and his walk-in policy makes everything super easy. I rarely spend more than 10 minutes and he’s fixed the problem. Way to go doc!” – CW Munro

“Very nice Dr! You walk in, fill out a slip of paper, tell the doc what’s new, and he adjusts your back! Drop a $20 and off you go, unless you get to talking about fishing or kids! Honest work for honest pay. He has my business for life!” – John Bruce

You can find more reviews like this on my business fan page.

I’ve done away with appointments. I’ve done away with insurance. But perhaps the biggest shift I made was moving to a solo practice.

I don’t have any staff. This works for me, it works really well for my patients, and yes, it is legal.

After running a traditional practice for over 20 years, I was totally burned out and sold my practice. When I decided to reopen, I wanted to make sure my new practice fit my desire to have free time and higher profits. I created a walk-in only policy and leveraged technology to communicate my business hours. Now patients can see me when it works for them, and I can open and close shop easily.

Staff certainly make the office warm and inviting. They schedule appointments. They help process claims and make sure that everything runs smoothly for you and your patients. And they become like work-family if you’ve had a relationship over several years.

Another huge benefit of having someone on staff is having a witness to protect you legally in case a patient makes a claim against you.

Yet when I considered the increased time and cashflow I’d have if I operated solo, I knew I had to make it work, even without having that someone there to have my back. So I did my research and found a solution that works for me and my patients.

I’ve done all the legal homework to make sure I’m protected while treating patients and that there’s a record of all visit details. I go into it in detail in the Future Chiro coursework.

Let me know if you’re interested in making a shift like this in your practice.

We’ll get to work generating positive results for you too!