Are you ready to make the move to a cash-based practice?

I’ve already done the work and the research for you!

Run your practice with: • No Appointments • No Start Up Costs • No Contracts • No Hidden Fees and No Hassles!

For a one time initial fee of $347.00 and thereafter, $67.00 per month membership fee which will continue to give you unlimited access to our program. You will get unlimited access to all the training videos, the video tip sheets and access to our members only VIP Facebook page where all the members will interact and share. Dr. Scot will use this VIP members only page to answer questions and interact with all the other members. Becoming a member, also allows you to purchase any consultation time with Dr. Scot, either by phone or one on one consulting, you can actually come and spend a half day with Dr. Scot in his own office where you can actually see for yourself how he runs and operates this cash-based practice model.

watch this video to learn more!

membership includes:

Training Videos & Forms

Gain access to the full library of training videos and video tip sheets as well as all the forms necessary to successfully establish this cash-based practice model.

VIP Facebook Page

You will access to the exclusive VIP Facebook Page, where you can interact with Dr. Knight and other Future Chiro members, as well as benefit from ongoing additional information. Get your questions answered, find out how other Future Chiro members are successfully operating their practices, and get monthly updates from Dr. Knight.

Private Consulting

Learn first-hand how Dr. Knight has made the The Future Chiro model successful! Set up a personal phone call or spend time in-person with Dr. Knight at his Georgetown, TX office. Teleconference with Dr. Knight at the rate of $47 per 15-minutes of conversation, or spend up to 4 hours with Dr. Knight on-site at his private practice for $1,497.

No Employee Issues • No Reports • No Paper Work • No Stress

Get the freedom you want for just $67 per month!*


*Initial Fee of $347.00 will get you access to all the Training Videos, Video Tip Sheets, Office Forms, VIP members only Facebook Group & the opportunity to consult with Dr. Knight if desired for an additional cost.

After 30 days, $67/month membership will begin, which will continue to give you complete access to all the above mentioned.

Money Back Guarantee; within the first 30 days of purchase, if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund you your initial investment of $347.00. The $67.00 per month membership fee can be canceled at anytime.