I have turned this model into a massive success…

It’s time you experience the freedom of running a cash-based practice!

Q: What is The Future Chiro?

A: The Future Chiro is a simple, yet duplicable business model developed by the “The Future Chiro” Expert, Dr. Scot Knight. Over the past seven years Dr. Knight has developed a cash- based chiropractic practice that provides Affordable, Convenient, and Accessible chiropractic care with low start-up costs and minimal overhead. After seeing an average of 140 new patients per month with no staff, no appointments, no insurance, and no phone, Dr. Knight now shares his insight on how to open and operate as a Cash Practice.

Q: Why was The Future Chiro developed?

A: Chiropractors are tired of being stressed, overworked, undervalued, and underpaid. They’re tired of insurance companies cutting their reimbursements, problems with employees, and annual overhead increases. They’re tired of patient scheduling hassles – canceled or forgotten appointments and complaints about treatment plans. Most importantly, chiropractors are tired of today’s healthcare system, and are looking for something different. The Future Chiro is different!

Q: Why do I need The Future Chiro?

A: Of his 23 years of practice, Dr. Knight spent the first 15 with practice management groups that focused on corrective care and high-pressured sales pitches. Over the last seven years – with a lot of trial and error – he has developed this simple cash-practice model and developed extensive tools to help you reinvent your practice from A to Z as The Future Chiro.

Q: What are the benefits of The Future Chiro?

A: No spinal screenings or treatment plans.
No high-pressure sales pitches, Patient Appreciation Days, or gimmicks.
No scare tactics, arm-twisting, or convincing patients they need care. (Patients come to you!) No employee issues, payroll responsibilities, or management duties.
No reports, excessive paperwork, or extra hours spent billing insurance.
No stress!

Q: What do I get with The Future Chiro?

A: You will receive unlimited access to all training videos and video tip sheets. You’ll be invited to join our Members Only VIP Facebook page, where Members interact with each other and with Dr. Knight, ask questions, and share their success stories. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase private phone or in-person consultation time with Dr. Knight. Members are also invited to spend a day with Dr. Knight in his Georgetown, TX office to see for themselves how he operates his cash-based practice under The Future Chiro model.

Q: What are the training videos about?

A: Learn step-by-step from Dr. Knight himself about the keys to establishing and operating a successful cash practice. The videos contain comprehensive topics, which include finding a location; operational best-practices; processing a new patient; explaining the benefits of chiropractic care; discussing a ROF, marketing your cash-based practice; working with a CPA who understands your business model; obtaining malpractice, liability, and disability insurance; legally treating Medicare patients without billing Medicare; and more! All videos get right to the point, ranging between 2 minutes and 10 minutes in length, and include straightforward content with no fillers or fluff.

Q: What does The Future Chiro cost?

A: Our complete program with training materials and support is available for a one-time initial fee of $347, and an ongoing Membership fee of $67 per month after the first 30 days.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Absolutely. If you are not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days of purchase, we will refund your initial investment of $347. The $67 monthly membership fee can be canceled at any time.

No Employee Issues • No Reports • No Paper Work • No Stress

Get the freedom you want for just $67 per month!*


*Initial Fee of $347.00 will get you access to all the Training Videos, Video Tip Sheets, Office Forms, VIP members only Facebook Group & the opportunity to consult with Dr. Knight if desired for an additional cost.

After 30 days, $67/month membership will begin, which will continue to give you complete access to all the above mentioned.