The Chiropractic Practice Patients Love

The best reflection of your work comes from patients that come back again and again. It makes sense – your reputation is the life of your business; especially when you are the only person running it.

When I reinvented my chiropractic practice about 9 years ago, I drastically changed how I served my patients. I kept things really simple – for them and myself. I stopped taking appointments, and I changed my pricing to a flat rate of $25 per visit. No insurance accepted.

Here’s what my patient Nathan Carroll has to say, “I’ve been visiting Scot Knight for 3 years.  Walk-in service. Low flat fee whole time. Friendly. Remembers you. No contracts or up-front fees. Good Service.”

So often, chiropractors are taught to sell multi-month preventative care packages. Care packages have a place, but they don’t cater to the patient who seeks immediate relief. My philosophy is to solve someone’s immediate problem and earn their trust to come back on their terms.

“Dr. Scot is a breath of fresh air. He is affordable, honest and I had relief with my first visit. Thank you so much.” -Maryanne Boaz

With my walk-in only model, patients can come in whenever they want an adjustment, then go about their day. This is great for a couple of reasons. First, it reduces administrative time on your end because you don’t have to deal with incoming phone calls or scheduling appointments and follow-ups. With the time saved, I also don’t have to hire support staff, which means I can afford to charge a low flat-rate and keep all the profit.

Second, you don’t have to worry about playing appointment Tetris if the day ever falls behind on schedule. With the walk-in “first come, first serve” model, you won’t be scrambling, and other patients won’t feel behind in their day.

My long-time patient, John Bruce, says, “Very nice Dr.! You walk in, fill out a slip of paper, tell the doc what’s new, and he adjusts your back! Drop $25 and off you go, unless you get to talking about fishing or kids! Honest work for honest pay. He has my business for life!”

No appointments. No insurance. No staff. No phone. That is the future of chiropractic care. It works amazingly well for both patients and chiropractors alike because it is convenient and affordable for everyone involved. Patients pay a flat fee for immediate care whenever they want. Chiropractors get a business that gives them freedom of time and money while helping others get back to feeling great.

You can create these results too. I’ll show you how the Future Chiro model has transformed the way I do business and patients see chiropractic care.

“This place is awesome!! You will not be sorry. No appointment needed and no hassle about coming back or setting up some program. Always $25 and always a great experience!”  – Wally Sparks

Those are the kind of raving reviews your business benefits from when your service is welcomed and an alternative to the norm. Dare to be different and build the practice your patients and you will love.