How would your life be different if patients flocked to your practice on-demand?

That’s what will happen when you offer affordable access to chiropractic care in the new on-demand economy.

Today you can order almost anything you want at your convenience. Thanks to providers like Uber, Airbnb, and Amazon Prime, you can find quick solutions to everyday needs such as transportation, lodging, and groceries.

This on-demand business model is working in today’s market because it adds value to consumers and providers alike. Consumers find timely solutions to their problems, and providers make money on the schedules and terms that they set.

Imagine that model for your chiropractic practice.

Patients stampede to you when they need care, and you get paid to help people feel better – on your schedule – without any extensive overhead!

No chasing patients.
No hard-selling patients on extensive care packages.
No managing staff.
No scheduling appointments.
No chasing insurance companies.

Nine years ago, I decided to give this on-demand model a try.

After years of a traditional practice managing staff, processing insurance claims, and getting an average number of new patients per month, I was burned out. I was doing what I loved, but most of my time revolved around my practice. I didn’t have time to spend with my family or pursue the hobbies that fuel me outside of work. My lifestyle was chained to my work, rather than my work supporting a fulfilling lifestyle.

This all came to a head one day when an insurance company rejected one of my invoices. I was going to lose money over treating a patient, which obviously was a conflict of interest.

That was it. I actually sold my practice because I was so frustrated with insurance companies and copays.

When I reopened, I approached my practice with the on-demand economy in mind.

I started working from 9a-5p for just four days a week, stopped scheduling appointments, and started charging a flat rate of $25 a visit. I got an automated phone service that shared basic information about my practice if people called, and allowed them to leave messages if needed.

When I switched to this model, my practice BOOMED, and my personal freedom skyrocketed. I saw 8-10 new patients a DAY. In my old way of practice, I was lucky if I saw 24 new patients a month.

Not only did this new on-demand model increase my number of patients, it literally saved me my patience.

With a cash-based, walk-ins only practice, I didn’t have to spend hours dealing with insurance claims, nor did I have to hire someone to schedule appointments. Instead, I just showed up, unlocked the doors to my office, and the people who wanted care came.

This model works because it’s convenient, accessible, and affordable for everyone. Patients get immediate service and know that they can come back for continued care whenever they like. PLUS I have a stress-free practice, allowing me to focus on doing what I love most – helping people lead healthy, mobile lives.

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