Chiropractors always ask me how I have so many patients walk through my door.

I don’t accept insurance. I don’t schedule appointments. I don’t even have a staff or a phone.

What’s the secret?

I’m damn good at creating a great patient experience.

Over my 20+ years of practicing, I’ve discovered that patients value excellent treatment provided by someone who genuinely cares.

I’m not one to run a practice that looks like a sterile clinic. Even without staff, I’ve created a personal, fun experience for anybody who walks through my doors.

Here are a few things that my patients rave about when they come to my office:

  1. Humor. This is the lifeblood of my brand. Yes, I definitely have some cheesy one-liners that patients love and I get a kick out of. But humor goes beyond what I say. I’ve dressed up my place to look like a mechanic’s shop. I even wear a mechanic’s shirt for a uniform because I’m there to fix people and get ‘em back on the road. Patients love that. It’s memorable and makes them laugh in a time of pain.
  2. Royal treatment. If a patient is experiencing pain in their neck and their back, I treat them for both and then some. My goal is for them to get out of pain as fast as possible. And I don’t nickel and dime them to do it. When I go the extra mile at just $25 a visit, patients trust that I’ve got their back. Literally and figuratively. Who doesn’t love returning to a place with excellent service?
  3. Flexibility. This one’s a favorite for my punctual patients and the chronically-late crowd. Since I only take walk-ins, there’s no stress around time. Neither my or my patients’ schedules are train wrecked with last-minute cancellations, additions or tardiness. Instead, people walk in anytime between 9-5 on the days I’m open. The wait time is never more than 10 minutes, and everyone’s happy.

Recently I had a patient tell me that visiting my office is like seeing family. That was one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten because at the core of chiropractic care is a human connection.

Total wellness encompasses so much more than just our physical state. Our emotional state plays a huge part in our health and happiness, so I strive to build strong connections with my patients whether it’s their first time in or their hundredth.

Building rapport with my patients has won me more business than any corrective care package I used to promote. That’s why I did away with the age-old sales tactic. Instead, I let extraordinary patient experience be my champion sales team. Sending happy patients on their way is like sending out a street team with megaphones and boombox. They sing your praises to their network and come back again with friends.

Stellar patient experience is a simple way to keep the patients you have and get more in your door. If you’re not into sales, saying goodbye to corrective care packages could be the best thing you ever did for your business and your own happiness.  

In my Future Chiro course, I teach you how to ditch the corrective care package sales model and deliver a great customer experience that brings new clients daily.

Check it out when you’re ready to skyrocket your practice.