If a chiropractor builds a practice, but no patients hear about it, do they have a practice?

Your business depends on people knowing about your service and taking action on your offer. To achieve that, it’s imperative that your marketing strategy shows how YOUR adjustments make your patient’s lives better.

The Future Chiro program is designed to make your practice stand out from the rest. It is a turnkey practice model with minimal startup costs and maximum profit. 

From the get-go, it is attractive to patients because it is convenient, affordable and accessible.  

People will walk in the door when they find out about your $25 adjustments. On top of that, patients will love that you don’t take appointments because it means they can walk in anytime it is most convenient for them. There’s no stress about being late or missing an appointment,  they can get care on their terms, and there’s hardly ever a wait more than 10 minutes.

Since the Future Chiro program is based on a cash-based practice, it also means that there will be no insurance paperwork for you or your patients. It is truly in and out treatment.  

There are tons of benefits for patients to love, so how will they hear about your practice?

Here are 4 ways you can grow your Future Chiro business in the next 30 days: 

    1. Word of mouth. Your reputation is your biggest moneymaker. When you provide affordable care without pressuring people into a long term care package, you give people the power to choose you because they want to! You provide an accessible, convenient solution to their health concerns.
    1. Print ads. All you need is one ad in your town paper for people to discover your services. I’ve used the same ad for years in my local wellness paper, and I still get new patients that reference it when they walk in.  
    1. Search engine marketing. When you build your website, make sure you include the keywords “affordable chiropractor” and your city name in the text. You’ll appear in the search results when people search for affordable chiropractors in their area. You could even open a GoogleAdwords account to buy an ad with those keywords to make sure your business appears at the top of the search results page.   
    1. Email marketing. You could build a list of potential clients, but I use email marketing in a very limited fashion geared only towards my current clients. Every time I send an email, I more than triple my expected income. I’ll tell exactly how you can do that too inside the Future Chiro course.   

Since I’m the only person running my practice, I kept all of my marketing strategies simple. 

I spend most of my time treating patients and just a fraction of my time marketing my services. That’s because of my reputation and the automation systems I have set in place do most of the work for me.

Check out The Future Chiro program, and unlock the secrets to building a practice you love with services that patients will rave about.